Fertilizer brands

How can you tell which fertilizer brand is best for you? There are many types of fertilizers offered in the shopping fertilizer brandsstores and knowing their differences will benefit you greatly. For instance, do you know the differences between granular fertilizer and water-soluble fertilizer?

When considering which brand of fertilizer to purchase, there are several factors that you will have to place into consideration. Among these factors are the differences between different types of fertilizer brands. Here are some facts on fertilizer brands:

  • Granular Fertilizer brands

These fertilizer brands are also known as organic or natural granular fertilizers. They derive their name from their organic sources which include blood meal, manure, crab meal among other places. Organic fertilizers are preferred for gardening purposes due to the fact that they are not synthesized but are instead derived from natural and mineral rich deposits found within the earth’s surface.

Due to their natural nature, granular fertilizers are easily broken up by microbes within the soil in bits that plants can easily digest. For this reason, granular fertilizers are more preferred for gardening. Organic fertilizer brands are also known to encourage the activities of useful earthworms among other flora. The main known benefit of organic fertilizers is that they don’t add excess salts and acids into the soil.

  • Liquid fertilizer brands:

Unlike granular brands of fertilizers, liquid fertilizers are powders which can easily be dissolved in water to make a solution used in gardening. Because liquid fertilizer brands are soluble in water, they are much harder to use than granular fertilizers and are often viewed by many as a lot more messier that their granular counterparts.

Liquid fertilizer brands often need the use of a watering can or a  hose end sprayer for use. Once applied on plants, the effect of the spray often lasts for between one to two weeks thus spraying is not as often as you may imagine. The main advantage of liquid fertilizers is that they are easily and quickly absorbed by plants. They are also mostly used in potted plants. A good example of a popular liquid fertilizer brand is the Fish emulsion fertilizer.

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